The Role of Self-Marketing in the Pursuit of Excellence in Business and Your Career

Excellence does not happen in a vacuum. A life of excellence is measured by the value you add to people, the needs you fill in the society, the service you render or the problems you solve. In other words, purpose and excellence are only expressed in their usefulness to people.

The excellent musician is so described because of the satisfaction people derive from listening to the music or watching the musician perform. The life of excellence in charity work is only expressed in the people who benefit from the work of charity. The excellent speaker is one whose presentations impact the lives of people. To excel in life therefore your target market, your niche, the beneficiaries of your service, your audience, the potential congregation must hear about you, have a good impression of you, believe you, align with your value proposition and find your personal brand acceptable. Even if you are running a charity, the donors, helpers and the beneficiaries must be attracted to you for you to excel, fulfill your purpose and achieve your aspirations in that area.

This article attempts to examine how to package, present and market yourself so the target market or beneficiaries of your purpose will be attracted to you. The major elements of this pillar are: packaging yourself, your personal branding, your appearance, your communication, cultural humility, self-marketing, being creative and being a problem solver.

1. Packaging You: An essential component of packaging yourself is competency development. You must acquire and consistently improve your depth of knowledge, your skill set and your attitude. Another element of getting ready and packaging yourself is acquiring relevant trainings, obtaining certifications and accreditations. I am of the strong position that no matter how naturally talented you are, you still need to horn the talent by further training. So, go to school (any place where in broad terms, a teacher student relationship exists), get a coach or mentor. Take a step further and obtain certifications and accreditations from reputable and respected institutions.

In most societies, the first criterion for considering your expertise is your qualification and accreditation. For instance, no matter how talented, knowledgeable and skilled you are, if you apply for a job and the recruiting company had advertised for people with an MBA, you are unlikely to be shortlisted for an interview if you do not have an MBA. Your competence cannot be tested until you have passed through the door of pre-qualification. And the key to that door, in this case is your certificate! If you are applying for a grant from an international donor agency, your chances of getting your request approved will be boosted if you can show that you have obtained adequate training in the area of your mission.

Another way of packaging yourself is to join professional associations in your area of purpose. Identify the recognized and respectable umbrella body of your business, profession, trade, charity, ministry, etc. and join. Joining such associations will present you as being certified to perform.

So the first step in promoting yourself is packaging you. Package yourself by developing and continuously developing your competence, get adequate training, obtain relevant certifications and qualifications and join expert associations and groups.

2. Your brand: The second step to promoting you is to develop your personal brand. Your brand is simply what you are known for. It is how people perceive you. Your brand is the description of you by those who know, see or hear about you. It is the mental image that people have when they think of or see you.

To excel in life therefore, it is imperative that you take out time to consciously build on the perception and description of you by those you need to serve and those who would help you to achieve your purpose in life. Your contribution to, and the value you derive from the society cannot be bigger than your brand. Developing your brand is a sine qua non for promoting yourself. These are my recommendations on how to develop and build your brand:

A. Internal validation and congruence is vital in building your brand. Decide who exactly you are, and who you want be. Be convinced that who and what you have decided to be is acceptable to you. Create a connection between who and what you want to be and your most important aspirations in life. Be absolutely certain that the person you have decided to be is the best person that would help you achieve your life purpose. Be ready and willing to defend who you want to be and how you want to be perceived.

B. Be consistent in your brand communication. Once you decide on your brand be consistent in communicating that brand. There should never be any inconsistency between who you say you are and what people see you to be.

C. Create a perception of a subject matter expert. There are so many ways of making the public perceive, describe and defer to you as a subject matter expert. One way is to write. Write books, preferably in your core area of purpose. Write articles in your industry publications and journals. Write in your company bulletins. Get a column and write for newspapers. Write in your religious publications. The second way is appear on television and radio, grant interviews and make comments. The third platform is to have a robust online presence. Use social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. to project the image that will boost your perception as an expert. Another way of making the public perceive you as an expert is by looking for platforms to speak. Speak in your church or mosque. Speak to students and groups. Just look for opportunities to speak on topics in the areas of your focus. Don’t wait until you are paid before you speak.

3. Your Appearance: How you look is another element of the pillar of promotion. Your appearance, consistent with how you want your target audience to perceive you is important in the pursuit of excellence in life. Your appearance speaks to the totality of your bodily grooming and your dressing.

Your bodily grooming is you without your clothes. A 100 meters athlete should not look like a ‘Sumo’ wrestler. While it might be acceptable for a male musician to wear artificial dreadlocks, it definitely would not be appropriate for a priest to do the same. Tattoos may pull a crowd to an entertainer; it might nauseate patients before a medical doctor.

We are not implying that one bodily grooming is better than the other. However, the length of your nails, hair and moustache, the artificial marks on your body and the loudness of your make-up should be purpose and profession dependent. The grooming of your hair and nails, the odour from your body, the cleanness of your teeth, etc. would either improve or diminish your brand as well as promote or destroy your public perception.

The second constituent of your appearance is your clothing. A wardrobe that accentuates your personality and enhances your brand communication is a must have in your pursuit of excellence in life. Remember that you are seen before you are heard. Would the public you want to serve be attracted to you or run away from you on account of your dressing? The bible talked about the attire of a prostitute. Meaning that even a very virtuous lady could be mistaken for a prostitute if she dresses like one. A king can be labeled a servant if he dresses like one. A preacher can be described as a tout if his dressing so communicates.

Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself, “how much respect would I accord to the man in the mirror on account of his dressing? If the man in the mirror needs me as a platform to achieve his purpose in life, would I readily and willingly offer myself on account of his appearance?”

4. Your communication: The totality of how you listen, what you say and how you say it impact the effectiveness of your personal promotion. Communication is not about using high-sounding words, but your ability to listen to people. It means to understand the full import of what is said, to read body language and to communicate or give feedback based on your understanding of your listener’s belief or state of mind. That is what communication is all about in seeking to promote you. In fact, most people who excel in life talk less than they listen; and whenever they speak, substance proceeds from their mouth. They know how to pass their points across in less than a minute, and they listen very well too. They can read moods accurately, know how to construct words and seize the moment. Moreover, they can stand on their feet and drive home their points in any gathering.

Some people erroneously believe that good communication is natural. For some people, it is. However, excellent communication is predominantly a result of consistent practice and a willingness to go the extra mile. It’s a product of intensive reading and listening. Every good communicator reads voraciously, listens attentively and is conscious of the words they use. In the pursuit of excellence, a good communicator maintains a great sense of humor. Not that he is a clown, but he sees the humorous side of things. He is able to laugh at himself and about life. He knows the one-liners to use in all situations. The difference between humor and clowning is that while humor is all about making people laugh while retaining your dignity, clowning, on the other hand, is making people laugh and losing your sense of dignity in the process.

5. Cultural humility is another ingredient for the pillar of promotion. Cultural humility means subsuming your culture to the pervading and dominant culture of your environment and the people you serve. It’s about aligning yourself to the ways and etiquettes of your environment without compromising your core values, beliefs and principles.

For instance, in the southwest part of Nigeria it is the culture that a younger person should kneel, prostrate or bow the head while greeting an elderly person. In the south east of Nigeria, it is not so. In some environments also, a man is not permitted to shake a woman. In some other environments, you are not just permitted to shake, you are allowed to hug and embrace a woman.

As a man or woman of purpose, you must be culturally aware. You should also be culturally humble. Don’t go shaking a woman in the environments where it is a taboo simply because your culture permits it. Don’t be the first to stretch out your hands to shake an older person in Yoruba land, just because your culture allows it.

Cultural humility is also about making efforts to learn other people’s language, eat their food and dance to their music.

The central point here is that you must win the mind share before attempting to win the market share. And there is no better way of winning the mind share than being culturally humble. If you walk into a place and everybody is sitting on the mat, don’t ask for a chair. If the norm in the association that you join is that members call each other by first names, don’t introduce yourself and insist you be called by your titles and surname. If the dress code is casual, don’t wear your chieftaincy attire with all the beads and feather. That’s called cultural arrogance. Cultural haughtiness is an antithesis to self-promotion.

6. Self-marketing. People who excel in life are self-marketers. They know how to sell themselves. This is not about boot licking. It’s not about sycophancy. It’s not about aggressiveness. No! It’s about making people know the values you have. It is about making people know the contributions you can make. It is about making people know the gifts and the talents you have. It is about making people know the endowments you have. It’s about being assertive.

Promotion is about entering a mutually beneficial relationship with someone whereby you are selling and exchanging values. You should learn and know how to market yourself, learn how to sell the value of the things that you have and the contributions you can make. Do not diminish the value of your contribution in any relationship. The pillar of promotion is about consistently being alert to new ideas. Have your ears, eyes and minds open, especially when you are in the midst of people. Look for opportunities to offer value, key into something or to demonstrate competence.

7. Creativity is another constituent of promotion. People who excel in life are creative in the way they do things. Creative in how they introduce themselves to others, creative in sending SMS messages or emails. Creative in the way they dress, creative at work, etc. Creativity, in simple terms, means doing things differently from the way others do them. People who excel in life go the extra mile to do things differently. Always keep the creativity question flowing in your heart – how can I give a touch of difference to this matter before me?

If you do what other people do the way they do it, you are no different from them. What can you do creatively? What can you do that would make a whole lot of difference? What investments are you making to improve your creativity power? This is a sure way of promoting your brand.

8. Solve Problems. Finally, promote yourself by being a problem solver. Learn how to dimension a problem to identify the root cause of the problem, the impact of the problem, the options available, the advantages and disadvantages of all the options and the best option to adopt to solve the problem.

Be the person in your business, career, profession, mission or calling that others come to help them think through their problems and offer solutions.

5 Benefits of Learning Ayurveda in Daily Life

The modern lifestyle is fast and super busy. People are so occupied with official and business work that they can’t find time for themselves. The faulty lifestyle is resulting into life-threatening diseases like high blood pressure, headache, diabetes, and so on. In this condition, it is necessary to make changes in the lifestyle to increase the quality of life. If you’re looking for an ideal lifestyle that helps in leading a quality and blissful life, there can’t be a better choice than Ayurveda. It is an accepted and proven the way of living for people.

Ayurveda is a traditional healing system discovered in India during Vedic civilisation. It emphasises for a complete wellbeing of the individuals using herbal medicines, ethical living, balanced diet, and exercise. It contains a compilation of treatments of diseases with the herbal medicines. That is why it is still useful for people in the contemporary times to lead a happy and disease-free life. It is recognised by World Health Organisation and regarded as the best alternative to allopathy.

Acceptance of Ayurveda treatments is increasing rapidly across the globe. More people are embracing Ayurvedic practices and treatment for curing chronic diseases. Learn Ayurveda in India to get knowledge about the ancient healing methods and embrace in daily life. Let us look at the benefits of learning Ayurveda in life:

1.Start a Career in Healthcare Industry

Ayurveda is used for the treatment of simple fever to chronic diseases of the body. The centuries-old healing method aims at the complete cure of the ailments quickly. It causes no side-effects on the body which are common in the allopathic treatment. Studying Ayurveda is a perfect way of starting a successful career in the healthcare industry.

2. Improve Health and Reduce Stress

Ayurveda offers a comprehensive lifestyle consisting of exercise, massages, yoga, and meditation. It is helpful in growing healthy and spiritually in daily life. Practising yoga and meditation help in removing the life-threatening radicals and reflects on your life.

Stress is a common problem faced by individuals in modern life. Embracing an Ayurvedic lifestyle helps in removing stress from life permanently.

3. Therapies for Rehabilitation and Injury

Therapies are extensively being used in relieving pain and rehabilitation of the injury. The therapies of Ayurveda are being utilised in creating a harmony of the body with the surrounding. It emphasises on maintaining the immunity system keeping a balance of chemicals in the body. An unethical lifestyle leads to imbalance and diseases. Get Ayurveda training in India to learn the way of maintaining a balance of chemicals in the body quickly.

4. Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle

In modern life, you need to embrace a healthy lifestyle to lead a better life. Embracing the yoga, meditation, and herbal medicines help in enjoying better health. You will enjoy vitality, strength and protect organs, of course, a better health in general.

5. Use Massage Therapies in Life

Massages are an integral part of the Ayurveda treatment. Therapeutic massages are extensively being used in the procedures and promote the wellbeing of individuals. A soothing massage remove stress, free radicals, protect organs and rejuvenates muscles. Get Ayurveda massage training in India to learn the traditional healing methods quickly. Enrol in the course to get professional training to start a career in massage therapy.

Importance of Learning Ayurveda in Modern Life

People have become extremely busy with the tight schedule at workplaces, socialisation, and other activities. There is little time for reflection of self and perform exercise necessary for a healthier living. In this condition, people complain of extreme fatigue, headache, stress, and other health-related problems regularly. Ayurveda has become an important way to create a balance in modern lifestyle to lead a better life.

Ayurveda is an ancient life science that aims at delivering a complete wellbeing in the mind, spirit and body. It uses natural herbs and exercises to create a balance of chemical in the body that causes diseases after accumulation. That is why the ancient methods are immensely used in contemporary times to eliminate the chances of getting diseases. People are accepting the Ayurveda practices and gaining blissful life. Learn Ayurveda in India to get knowledge of the original healing methods quickly from experts. Joining in the course, you will get knowledge and insight necessary to follow these practices in daily life.

Benefits of Studying Ayurveda in Modern Life

People are experiencing high blood pressure, sugar, stress, headache, and other diseases in modern lifestyle. Ayurveda is not only useful in treating these ailments but prevents such infections from recurring in the future. It is possible by embedding exercise, balanced diet, meditation, massage, and other Ayurvedic practices in daily lifestyle. In fact, therapies of Ayurveda use these methods to healing the body from diseases. It aims to create a harmony of the body with the surrounding areas to avoid illness.

Ayurvedic therapies are being utilised to gain a better health in the modern medical system around the globe. People in western countries are visiting more skilled Ayurvedic doctors than a decade ago. Hence it is a vital step to learning ancient healing methods joining Ayurveda therapy training in India. Training is offered by expert practitioners with experience in this field. Certifications are provided to students after successful completion of the course. That is why it is an important way of starting a career in the traditional healthcare industry.

Reasons to Learn Ayurveda Massages from Experts

Worldwide acceptance of Ayurveda therapies has led to the higher demand for skilled practitioners globally. There is a rising demand for qualified doctors, massage therapists, dietician, lifestylist, and drug manufacturers. The prime reason of using Ayurveda is zero side-effects caused by the treatment with Ayurvedic medicines. Hence it has become an important career option for aspirants to find a job in the healthcare industry after completion.

Massages are an integral part of Ayurvedic treatment for individuals. A good massage improves the overall health of the individuals removing toxins, relieve a headache, stress, and rejuvenates muscles. But it is necessary to take massages from expert therapists to offer properly. Taking massage regularly help in avoiding diseases, lower blood pressure, and lower weight gain.

Helpful Advice To Find The Best Job Vacancies In Sri Lanka For School Leavers

Job Vacancies In Sri Lanka For School Leavers

If you are a school leaver, you would have fished an important stage of your life and look forward to starting the next step. During this time, you would need to determine what would be the best path to take to create a bright future for yourself. Some of you school leavers might have a field which you are interesting, while others might want to test the waters before entering into clear career path. No matter what your approach is, you will find that there are so many ways you can find jobs in Sri Lanka. Therefore all you would need is courage and determination to find the best career pathway that will give you success in life.

Finding The Right Jobs

  • Look for career paths that show high growth potential

The current economy of Sri Lanka is showing very high growth potential. With more and more young individuals looking at entering the job market, the various industries too are catering to the demand by creating several options of entry level jobs. In this manner most of the reputed companies in the island are on the look out to attract young talented individuals such as yourself. In this manner, you will be able to find several positions like accountant vacancies in Sri Lanka and hotel vacancies in Sri Lanka that a guaranteed to show high growth potential in the coming years.

  • Use leading Sri Lanka job sites that help you find the latest job opportunities

In order you find the best jobs advertised you will need to find the best sources that advertise such vacancies. In this country Sri Lanka job sites offer a valued service to job seekers and job advertisers by creating a good platform for interested parties to meet and find the right fit. You will also find that these sites methodically categorize accountant vacancies in Sri Lanka, hotel vacancies in Sri Lanka and so on for easy reference.

  • Choose a career you are passionate about

No matter what line of work you are looking for, you would need to find a career path that ultimately gives satisfaction to you. In this manner you will have a better chance of progressing in your career and becoming successful no matter what path you choose to take. Look out for job options that provide good training and development and area known to maintain high levels of employee satisfaction.

Know The Benefits That Earning a CBAP Accreditation Can Bring to Your Career

Having a CBAP® certification provides a way to prove that the knowledge and skills of the certified business analysis matches the requirements designated by IIBA. There is a need for certified business analysts to drive the business into fruitful solutions, and to bring continuous improvement. The CBAP online training provides an individual the competencies needed to clear the certification exam.

Several companies in the world have understood the importance of CBAP certification, which has caused an increase in the demand of this certification. Getting certified with CBAP also leads you towards professional advancement in your career. CBAP is counted amongst one of the toughest examinations in the world and earning a certification in this clearly demonstrates your hard work and commitment towards this profession. So earning certification will enhance and upgrade your career and increase your ability to earn promotions and a higher pay. There are lots of job opportunities for a CBAP certified professional and by getting proper training, the candidates can brush up their skill and can prove their proficiency in business analysis. There are several other benefits of acquiring and maintaining a CBAP certification, some of which are summarized below:

  • A certification provides you a recognition and value amongst your peers and management.
  • A certified business analyst can get the chance to meet and interact with the other experienced analysts.
  • Due to recognition as a professional Business Analysis practitioner, the earning potential of an individual is increased.
  • Develop competence in the business analysis principles and practices.
  • Provides individuals with the personal satisfaction of accomplishing a milestone in their careers.
  • Having a certification can firmly establish your competencies and opens wide market opportunities for you.

As already said, getting a CBAP certification is not an easy task. It requires a rigorous hard work and dedication, along with the focused approach towards your aim. An online CBAP training based on the latest version of BABOK® Guide can help you in providing a deep understanding about the principles and standards of business analysis. A proper training in CBAP will pave an easy way for you to clear this exam and become a certified business analyst and get international recognition. The following are the ideal target audience for the CBAP training and certification:

  • Business Analyst
  • Systems Analyst
  • Process Improvement Specialist
  • Consultant
  • Process Improvement Managers
  • Requirements Analysts

Get A Head Start IN Career

Here’s a quick primer on how to narrow down on a particular institute offering various courses and programs

With a large number of new institutes springing up offering various programs, it may seem a Herculean task to narrow down on one for any particular course. Overall, there are several cumulative factors that make each institution stand out. However, a bit of online research and some amount of legwork can go a long way in making the right choice. After all, it is a question about long-term investment in a career.

  • Classifications

As per the rules of the government, institutes are divided into various classifications, based on the kind of education and courses offered. In India, universities are recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC). Apart from UGC, there are Professional Councils, which control various aspects of accreditation. Generally, universities and institutes are classified as Central Universities, State Universities, Deemed to be Universities, Private Universities and Autonomous Colleges.

  • Courses Offered

While undertaking a course or program, always follow interest and pursue what one likes. If a student has a specific career in mind, they may find that only a few institutions in an area offer an appropriate course. It may also happen that a number of institutions offer courses in a particular study area, however, only a few really excel in the field. While college will get over in three or four years but the course one does will stay forever. Ideally, it’s always better to go for a program that doesn’t restrict further options. If a student has an interest in more than one course, they should opt for a course that has a broader scope. The possibility of doing post-graduation in that subject is then higher, since fewer seats are available at the postgraduate level.

  • Teaching Techniques And Pedagogy

Teaching quality differs among institutions, and some will always be stronger in teaching certain fields than others. Feedback about teaching and experience of a student will always be subjective, but it is certainly an important thing to consider.

  • Up-to-date Facilities

Institutions will differ with respect to facilities offered such as state-of the-art campus, smart classrooms, labs and libraries. Essentially, one should also focus on the facilities on offer in the chosen field of education.

  • Student Services

The quantity and quality of student services differ between institutions and campuses, with campus size again being a major factor. Ensure that the institution has good-quality services that meet the needs, as they can make all the difference when one needs support. Look out for mentoring programs, academic assistance, career and counseling facilities.

  • International Exposure

Some amount of international experience always gives an edge. So, be sure to find out whether the institution offers international exchange and study tour opportunities or has an overseas campus.

  • The First-Hand Experience

Every institution has a different atmosphere. It is something that is difficult to define but could make or break your university experience, so be sure to take the time to visit the institution and ensure that it has a suitable atmosphere.

  • Campus Location

Many students opt for an institution that is convenient to their home, which narrows down the choices considerably.

Others are willing to move (or required to move) further afield to find an institution that offers their preferred course. If this is the case, one may prefer to study in a regional location over metropolitan, or vice versa. Another option is to choose a location that specializes in the field or has a better range of job opportunities.

Moreover, if one plans to move away from home, ensure you scope out the on-campus and off-campus accommodation options.

  • Institution Ratings

Every institution has its strengths and weaknesses, and institution ratings will give an unbiased idea of how the university performs in general, as well as in a particular field.

  • Study Mode

A student may find that each institution offers different study modes for a particular course. If one requires a part-time or distance education option, this may narrow down the shortlist of appropriate institutions considerably.

  • Cost Factor

The course fees may vary from institution to institution and course or program opted for. However, it is not just the course fees; there are other costs too like books, laptop, study trip expenses, just to list a few. So, factor in all these costs and then narrow down the search.

  • Word of Mouth

Speak to students who know the institution best and will answer all questions honestly: the students. Ask friends or acquaintances who attended the prospective institutions or ask the students firsthand at open day.

Your Knowledge With Advanced Excel Training – Ideally Handles Your Office Tasks Quickly

The process of learning never ends in a life of a person. Do you have completed basic or even intermediate Microsoft Excel course? If yes, you would surely desire to enhance your skills in the same field. It is simply an ideal time to perfect your skills with an advanced Excel training class easily offered by some of the reputed and recognized institutes in your area. These specialized courses will enhance the skill set with Microsoft’s popular spreadsheet plan, turn you high proficient in the place of work and will open up the doors of better jobs at the professional level. Moreover, it will work as a great weapon in your store for your own career series.

It is really important to consider some of the professionals in order to understand the benefits of the course. The training in advanced Excel will surely a positive point for you as well as your business with no doubt.

If you have previously joined any professional Excel course you will expectantly have taken away with your information and appreciative of the software that you never had earlier to attending. The advanced excel course possess no difference at all, the one and only variation are that it is a ladder to get familiar with the new and helpful tricks and techniques utilized by the experts that will help you to become truthfully confident with every prospect of this well-known spreadsheet program. In the learning process, one truly understands the best part of the features and functions of excel, you will surely find the most out of the product. Some important efforts are also required from your side.

No doubt, if you learn the best techniques and get proficient in the advanced excel, you can surely apply everything to the workplace. The majority of the students that have attended an advanced course training program in any discipline respond back that they have turned highly efficient and are now capable of finishing day to day tasks in right half the time it would normally get completed. It is forever a positive thing in the present environment where effectiveness in the office is staring after with amazing delight.

Excel training courses are not only helpful for people who are doing a job but it is equally beneficial for the people who are looking out for employment as it will provide them an unbelievable benefit over their competition. You can remains at the top in the resume list if you have a certificate of the training course. Now, they will have proficiency, skills, and knowledge to successfully acclimatize to any office environment that uses Microsoft Excel as their main chief spreadsheet plan for the organization of their business.

Keep in mind; it does not even require being an advanced Excel training course that can give you these profits. Generally, every professionally run external course will give you more information, permit you to become more competent and last but not least will allow you become highly attractive to possible employers and also for interior points within the business you earlier work for.

Just like the other programs in Computer, Excel is considered as a supportive tool. The difficulty with tools is that the highly complex they turn, the harder it is to find the desired outcomes with them. Anybody that has ever utilized a worldwide remote control can understand this idea. If the user has an extremely developed sympathetic of the tool and the elements it is using, no matter it is a TV, VCR, and DVD player or a record of money related information, they make the tool appear easy.

In the office, there is hardly more than an individual with the help of advanced Excel training to turns it looks easy. The average Excel user will practice the same disturbance as the average worldwide remote user when trying to achieve complicated procedure.

If you consider that a course which includes benefit you then it is suggested that you get in touch with the nearby local training service provider. You should make sure that you shop around for the best fee and also inquire if they can provide you a free half day. Time of the program should be flexible so that you can easily complete the course without any difficulty at all.

Community Service Worker Diploma Program – Creating Strong Communities And Rewarding Careers

Evergreen College Community Service Worker Diploma Program gives students a strong foundation in service work, allowing them to launch successful and fulfilling careers.
Like all of our programs, we make sure that students have flexibility allowing them to earn their diploma, and adequate training and experience. This means that our students can prepare themselves for an exciting new career while still working, taking care of their families, and having a personal life.
Over the course of one academic year (55 weeks) students will learn how to work with people of various cultures, orientations, and gender, as well as individuals with family and substance abuse issues in ways that are effective and compassionate.
Evergreen College also assists students in obtaining their CPR and CPI (Crisis Prevention Intervention) certifications, which are essential skills in the community service and social services field. Evergreen College students will also gain practical experience by completing a co-op placement (totalling 200 hours).
Although we do focus on Canadian communities and policies, the skills and knowledge available to our students are highly transferrable and can be helpful in community service work around the world.
Our well rounded curriculum complete with both in-class and practical training is led by a team of highly experienced instructors. Evergreen College instructors are passionate about their field and have many years of real world experience in social work. They have a deep understanding of the difficulties that communities and community service workers face on a daily basis and how to overcome them.
The work is both challenging and rewarding as you need to have an understanding of how to help a community grow and progress, as well as the various policies that can both help and hinder that progress. You will also be able to see yourself making a difference in the communities and the lives of people within those communities.
As a community service worker you offer guidance and help to individuals and groups at addiction treatment centres, youth centres, group homes, and more. Community service workers can also help low income families to find affordable house by working with housing organization to create and maintain subsidized housing.
Along with a thorough knowledge of policies and the inner workings of growing and maintaining a healthy and sustainable, community service workers need to have strong people skills. At Evergreen College, both our in-class and practical training emphasize these skills, equipping students with exactly what they need to handle difficult and delicate circumstances facing their clients and the communities they work with.
After graduation our students can enter the workforce with confidence due to our focus on career independence.
The Community Service Worker Diploma Program at Evergreen College is perfectly suited for anyone who wants to help people and their communities come up with progressive and sustainable solutions.

For New College Graduates, we Found Best Websites For Finding Open Jobs

Not only have we included a list of sites where you can submit your resume and look for a job, but also freelancing portals for those that want to work from home. You have long gone by means of the rigours of institution and institution and are fitting ready to take the flight to your possess. Lots of young people are not aware that they freelance whilst they look for a permanent position. It’s quite a good way to make some money in the meantime.

How can you get began alongside together with your job search?

  • First, brush up your CV, make particular it is all up to the moment and involves all foremost abilities for the job you might be watching for (if you have already got a certain position in mind). If that isn’t the case, you’re going to must adapt your resume and have a number of models equipped with some openings ask for schooling and expertise in the self-discipline, others may also wish to be mindful of your external the job/schooling ambitions. Send/upload the corresponding CV to every net web page.
  • Subsequent up is the place to send your resume. There is also an amazing quantity of job record internet sites available in the market. Don’t hesitate, select a few and begin the job looking for a process. We propose Resume Rabit, Doorstang, Climber, Vault and plenty of others.
  • After sending your CV to a number of or all of these websites, don’t effectively take a seat idly able for that conform to-up name or email. There are small jobs you are able to do to make some money even as ready to land that dream job. This strong opportunity is known as freelancing and the high-quality section about it’s you can really do it from the remedy of your possess dwelling. All you need is a powerful web connection and you are all set. Come to be a member of a freelancing platform and bid on tasks in keeping with your skills and knowledge. You’re going to see that something from design work, to content material writing, abilities entry to digital assistants.

Wishing you success along with your job search and on your freelancing profession.

Best Bigdata Hadoop Developer Interview Guide For Everyone Prepared by Top Industry Experts

The market for ‘BigData’ is experiencing a tremendous growth, thereby creating a huge demand for skilled and trained BigData professionals across the globe. Though the demand is massive, the supply certainly seems to be falling short of the demand. The core reason might be the lack of proper homework before attending the interviews.

To make things smoother for you during the interview preparation process, we have listed top 50 commonly asked questions along with the best suited answers, which can help you to successfully crack the BigDataHadoop interview.

Note: All the questions and answers are prepared by the subject experts who are associated with Kovid Academy.

1. What is Big-Data?

The term ‘Big-data’ is used to represent a collection of large and complex datasets, which are difficult to capture, store, process, share, analyze, and visualize using the traditional RDBMS tools.

2. Explain the five V’s of Big Data?

Big-Data is often described using the five V’s, which are:

Volume – the amounts of data generated every day, i.e. in Petabytes and Exabytes.

Velocity – the speed at which the data is generated every second. After the advent of social media, it probably takes seconds for any news to get viral across the Internet.

Variety – the different types of datagenerated every day that comes in a variety of formats like texts, audios, videos, csv, etc.Veracity – the uncertainties or the messiness of thedata. With different forms of bigdata, it gets difficult to control the accuracy and quality. The volume often makes up the core reason behind the lack of accuracy and quality of thedata.

Value – having access to bigdata is always a good thing, but failing to extract the real value from it is completely useless. Extracting value means, drawing benefits to the organizations; achieving the return on investment (ROI); and making profits for the businesses working on big data.

3. On what concept the Hadoop framework works?

The Hadoop Framework works on:

Hadoop Distributed File System: HDFS is a Java-based storage unit in Hadoop, which offers reliable and scalable storage of large datasets. It is responsible for storing different types ofdata in the form of blocks.

Hadoop MapReduce: MapReduce is a Java-based programming paradigm that offers scalability across different Hadoop clusters. It is responsible for distributing the workload into different tasks to run in parallel. The job of ‘Map’ is to split the datasets into tuples or key-value pairs, and the ‘Reduce’ then takes the output from Map and combines it with datatuples into a smaller set of tuples.

Hadoop YARN: Yet Another Resource Negotiator is the architectural framework in Hadoop that allows multiple data processing engines to handle storeddata in a single platform, disclosing a new completely method to analytics.

Note: Reduce jobs are performed only after the execution of Map jobs.